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Bobby Krug wins back-to-back Indy 500 races on iRacing

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

MOUNT OLIVE, Illinois, May 10, 2020 --- Bobby Krug wins two iRacing Fixed Indy 500 races back-to-back. Although there is no Indy 500 in the month of May this year, the tradition continued this weekend with iRacing’s full length, fixed setup Indy 500 series. Krug rolled off from 28th on both Friday night and Sunday morning. A combination of Krug’s sharp driving and his iRacing crew chief Joseph Selby’s pit strategy would lead him to not only win one but both of the Indy 500 races. Over the combined 1,000 miles, Krug led 160 laps.

“I was happy when we won the first one but winning two races in the same weekend is mind-blowing,” Krug said. “There were both tough races and it ranks up there with my real-life achievements.”

Bobby Krug started on iRacing service in 2015 and uses it as a tool in the off-season to keep his skill set sharp. Krug has seen a lot of success on the service, most notably finishing second in an iRacing competition to earn his way to a Skip Barber Racing School in 2019.


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