Racing Services


Are you new to the sport or looking to find a few extra tenths?

Bobby Krug Racing Services can help you find speed and confidence on and off the track.

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Arrive & Drive Packages

Looking to race or test behind the wheel of a Margay Ignite K3? 
Let's get you out on-track with a full-prepped kart for Ignite or Briggs competition or practice.

Mechanical Services

Looking for maintenance or damage repair on your kart?
We offer clutch and carb maintenance, axle replacement, sprocket swap, and more.

Coaching Services

Looking to better your skills behind the wheel?
We offer trackside,
wheel-to-wheel, or virtual coaching opportunities.

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Client: Austin Russell

When Austin was facing kart issues, he came to Bobby Krug Racing Services for help. We factory reset the kart and performed the necessary repairs to get his 2019 Ignite K3 back to race-winning pace. Krug drove the kart in the highly-completive Gateway Kartplex round of the Ignite Challenge and claimed victory in the Senior class.