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Basic Driver Coaching - $60/hr

With basic driver coaching, we will watch you on-track from the sidelines and generate feedback for you in between sessions. We will utilize a track map to help guide you in the right direction and help you find some speed! Basic driver coaching is not available on race days and is recommended for beginners.

Book Basic Coaching Here

Advanced Driver Coaching - $80/hr

In advanced coaching, we will join you out on track in our own kart! With a coach out on track with you, we will be able to see your lines, braking points and throttle points beter and we can also take part in lead-follow, passing and other racecraft exercises. We will also take a deep look at data / video resources to find exactly what you need to work on. Advanced driver coaching is available on test days and race days.

Book Advanced Coaching Here


Mechanic Coaching - $60/hr

Mechanic coaching is for individuals that are new to the sport or seasoned behind the wrench. In mechanic coaching, we tailor the teaching based on what you would like to know. Everything from setups to maintenance with the motor or chassis, we can teach you and help you learn the mechanics!

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Mechanical Services

Leave the wrenching to us! We offer a wide range of mechanical services to help you fix, maintenance, or setup your kart. Below is a list of some of the services we offer:

  • Complete Chassis Rebuilds

  • Axle Replacement

  • Spindle Replacement

  • Front End Alignment

  • Decal Installation

  • Sprocket Change

  • Oil Change

  • Carburetor Cleaning

  • Clutch Cleaning

We also offer Race Day Tent Support and Remote Service packages for race events! For a quote on mechanical services, please contact us.

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