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Bobby Krug completes 2-Day Advanced School with Skip Barber

AUSTIN, Texas, February, 27, 2021 --- Bobby Krug has graduated from the Skip Barber Racing School 2-Day Advanced school in the Formula 4 car at Circuit of the Americas. The 2-Day Advanced school is the first program Krug participated in after the announcement of a partnership between Skip Barber Racing School and Bobby Krug.

The 2-Day Advanced school prepares students to become competitive racers. Unlike the 3-Day school, instructors go wheel-to-wheel with students to practice passing and racecraft. After completion of the program, students are qualified for their SCCA Full Competition License.

Catch all of the content from the Skip Barber Racing School on the ATA Network YouTube channel in partnership with Matt Zigaitis at Global Force Kartsport.

If you or someone you know is interested in partnering with the Bobby Krug Racing Team for 2021, please contact us at! Bobby Krug Racing Team would like to thank their private investors, sponsors, and partners: Skip Barber Racing School and Global Force Kartsport.

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