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Bobby Krug finishes P8 in first ever Formula car race

AUSTIN, Texas, April 30, 2021 --- In his first ever race moving up from karts and into cars, Bobby Krug finishes P8 in the third race of the Skip Barber Race Series at Circuit of the Americas.

The race weekened began on Thursday with two practice sessions, two qualifying sessions and Race 1. The start of the race day was delayed to attempt to race around the forecast of rain. Unfortunately, as soon as the first practice was about to roll out, rain hit the track and the Skip Barber Team switched the slick tires over to rain tires. The first two practice sessions were ran in the wet conditions. Krug struggled to relearn the track in the wet conditions and would finish ninth in both practice sessions out of the 10-car field.

"It was extremely difficult but an absoulte blast to drive," Krug said as he got out of the car after the first practice. Krug also stated how much of great learning experience it was to drive the F4 car in the rain.

Before the start of qualifying, the Skip Barber Team deemed the track dry enough to switch back to slick tires from the rain tires. Qualiyfing on slicks allowed Krug to pick up more speed and one more position on the charts as he finished eight in the first qualifying session. On the second lap of the second qualifying session, wet weather hit the track again and cancelled the second qualifying session and postponed the first race.

Unfortunately, due to scheduling conflicts with SRO, the second race was rescheduled to a different weekened. The race weekend would continue on Friday with the running of one race. As with most of the weekend, the race would be ran in the rain. As the green flag flew, Krug went from eighth to ninth after being forced out wide at turn 1. On the following lap, Krug made a pass for eighth at turn 1 but was passed back right before the esses. Being blinded by the rain, Krug tried running constient lap times and focused on keeping the car on track with puddles and streams covering the track. Krug was staying with the car in front of him and just passed halfway through the race, the driver spun out at the caraousel and allowed Krug to pick up a position.

Krug improved his lap times throughout the race and came within striking distance of seventh but was unable to make a pass. At the end of the 25-minute long race, Krug finished eighth. In his post-race interview, Krug was happy with his performance in the rain.

"It was a really fun race, we struggled yesterday with the rain and today I felt more comfortable behind the wheel," Krug said. "We got my first professional race out of the way and my goal was to see consitent improvement and we achieved that. We also got a lot of great rain practice. The track was very slick with all the rubber the touring cars and GT cars were putting on the track."

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