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New Track and New Car for Krug's fourth Skip Barber Racing School program

BRASELTON, Georgia, March, 17, 2021 --- Bobby Krug has completed his fourth school with Skip Barber Racing School. In the latest program, Krug got behind the wheel of the Ford Mustang GT at Road Atlanta in Braselton, Georgia.

The 3-Day Mustang GT program follows a similar timeline as the 3-Day Formula. Since the Mustang utilizes a 5-speed manual transmission, there are exercises added to teach students the art of heel-toe downshifting.

On the first day, Krug was behind the wheel of one of Skip Barber's Roush Performance Stage 3 Mustangs instead of the traditional school car. With the first day being only lead-follow sessions, there was no benefit to the difference in cars. Krug was quick to learn the layout, having spent hours on the sim prior to the program.

The second and third days were completed in the traditional, 325HP Mustang GT. Krug showed impressive car control and speed especially with changing conditions as rain would come and go throughout the week.

"Road Atlanta was a bucket list track for me," Krug said. "The track is so fast and flowy yet technical enough to keep you on your toes, I'd love to come back in the dry to run it with more speed."

Catch all of the content from the Skip Barber Racing School on the ATA Network YouTube channel in partnership with Matt Zigaitis at Global Force Kartsport. For more information on Skip Barber Racing School, check out their website at!

If you or someone you know is interested in partnering with the Bobby Krug Racing Team for 2021, please contact us at! Bobby Krug Racing Team would like to thank their private investors, sponsors, and partners: Skip Barber Racing School and Global Force Kartsport.

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